Battery life and portability are popular factors

Surface 3 review roundup: ‘One of the best tablet-laptop hybrids’ says The Guardian

Microsoft is about to launch its Surface 3 on May 7th, the cheaper alternative to the Surface Pro 3, and the first reviews for the device are positive.

The device was met with praise from The Guardian, who claimed it is ‘one of the best tablet-laptop hybrids’.

But, the newspaper did reveal that the Surface 3 was not capable of heavier computing duties and declared the device wasn’t cheap enough.

PC World magazine scored the Surface 3 four and a half out of five, and said that the new 13-watt micro USB charger was the main stand-out feature.

Other plus points included the small 27Wh battery, which could last for over eight hours.

Wired dubbed the new device as both ‘useful and affordable’ in its review. Although, it did point out that the full Surface experience isn’t as cheap as you first expect, as users have to pay an additional charge for both the Type Cover and Surface Pen.

However, the Surface 3 was named a ‘triumph’ and applauded for its portability and light weight thanks to its 1.6GHz Intel Atom X7 processor.

According to Engadget, the Surface 3 does have some limits, ‘4K YouTube streams were a stuttery mess, and it’s not nearly powerful enough to run graphics-hungry games’.

But the site also praised the addition of the Surface Pen, the keyboard, and its ability to charge over micro-USB.

Mashable’s Lance Ulanoff praised the size and weight of the Surface, as well as the 8MP camera, but suggested the device may be better suited for students or office workers on the go.

Portability is one of the key functions that The Mirror raved about in its review, stating: “While it doesn’t match the sheer muscle and connectivity of the Surface Pro 3 (or a full-size laptop) it makes up for it when it comes to portability.”

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