Pair used a Gigabyte X99 SOC Champion and Titan X card at the MSI OC Academy in Cambridge

8Pack and der8auer break 15 overclocking world records

Overclockers Ian ‘8Pack’ Parry and Roman ‘der8auer’ Hartung have smashed 15 world records at the MSI OC Academy event in Cambridge.

The pair used a PC rig powered by a Gigabyte X99 SOC Champion motherboard and a Titan X graphics card.

Parry (pictured, right) works for etailer and system builder Overclockers UK, while Hartung (pictured, left) is a mechatronics student from Germany – both have been in the extreme PC overclocking scene for several years.

Here’s a list of the world records the pair broke, followed by a video: 

Four way SLI
1. Firestrike
2. Firestrike Xtreme
3. Vantage

Three way SLI
4. Vantage
5. Catzilla 1440p
6. Catzilla 720p

Two way SLI
7. 3D mark 11
8. Vantage
9. Catzilla 1440p
10. Catzilla 720p

Single Card
11. 3D mark 11
12. Vantage
13. Firestrike
14. Firestrike Xtreme
15. Catzilla 720p

There’s more pictures on the Gigabyte blog.

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