Vendor says the changes will allow it to improve and expand its product offering

3D printing company MakerBot culls staff and shuts US stores

MakerBot Industries has closed down a number of US stores and cut staff numbers to focus more on its national retail partners.

The 3D printing vendor has said on a blog post that the reductions in expenses will allow it to grow its 3D ecosystem and improve its product offering.

According tech site Motherboard, a representative of MakerBot said the new CEO of the company, Jonathan Jaglom, gave the orders to sack 20 per cent of its staff, however no official numbers have been shared.

It was also revealed that following the changes, the company will focus more on its national retail partners, and on the pro and educational markets.

David Reis, CEO of MakerBot’s parent company Stratasy’s, said: “These organisational moves are part of the continued scaling of MakerBot.

The blog post concludes: “At MakerBot, we’re proud of being a highly innovative company that is leading the new product category of desktop 3D printing. We’ve experienced significant growth since inception, and achieved market leadership by iteratively testing, proving and pivoting our business.”

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