"Samsung’s unwillingness to negotiate forced us to go to the courts"

Nvidia countersues Samsung in ongoing patent battle

Nvidia is countersuing Samsung over GPU patents.

The patent battle began in September 2014, when Nvidia sued Samsung and Qualcomm for using its GPU patents without fairly compensating the company.

A pre-trial decision (aka a Marksman ruling) saw a judge rule in favor of Nvidia’s preferred construction of nearly all of the disputed language in its claims, and the hearing is planned for late June 2015.

Within this particular case, Nvidia requested the US to block imports of certain Galaxy phones and tablets going into the country, including the new Galaxy S and Edge.

Samsung subsequently sued Nvidia over eight patents. Their action, filed in Virginia, focuses on eight patents. Nvidia is alleged to have violated six patents, while Nvidia customer Velocity Micro is alleged to have violated all eight.

Now Nvidia has countersued Samsung in the US District Court in Virginia, citing four graphics patents beyond the seven cited in the ITC and Delaware cases.

"These newly asserted patents in our countersuit are scheduled to be decided at the same time as Samsung’s case against us," Nvidia said in a statement.

"US District Judge Robert E. Payne has set a date of January 11th 2016, for the trial to begin in Virginia. This will focus on Samsung’s asserted six patents against Nvidia, and two patents against our customer Velocity Micro, as well as on our four patents asserted against Samsung.

"Nvidia has spent more than $9 billion in R&D since 1993 when we began to create what is now 7,000 patent assets comprising the richest portfolio of graphics IP in the world. Our IP strategy is to earn an appropriate return on our investment by licensing our graphics cores or by licensing our patents.

"Samsung’s unwillingness to negotiate forced us to go to the courts."

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