82% of IT leaders see enterprise cloud software as a key part of their business

Ten things you need to know about the state of cloud for enterprise

Enterprise cloud technology is evolving, meaning businesses need to as well to avoid being left behind.

A report from Cloud Sherpas looks into how companyies are preparing for, adopting and using the cloud and how it is benefitting their business.

Matthew Johnson, VP of advisory services at Cloud Sherpas, said: “Cloud Sherpas is encouraged by the survey findings, which highlight the importance organisations are placing on the desire to build a cloud strategy, even though the majority lack the guidance needed to be successful.

“A transition to the cloud requires companies to consider multiple factors beyond price and vendor, including a thorough analysis of the existing application stack and proper alignment with business needs,”

PCR has pulled together ten need-to-know highlights from Cloud Sherpa’s ‘Inside the State of the Cloud Adoption and Impact in the Enterprise’ 2015 report. 

 1. 82 per cent of IT execs say that cloud technology is a key part of their company’s strategy.

2. Only half of execs said that their organisation has an actual cloud strategy in place (nine per cent don’t event know).

3. The top incentive (with 66 per cent of businesses) to get a cloud strategy is for IT agility – or how quickly it can recover from a hack or general IT issue.

4. This is followed by 56 per cent of companies whose main priority is to save costs.

5. The public sector is least fussed about the cloud with 33 per cent saying it is central to their business strategy.

6. The non-profit and education sectors value it the most with 67 per cent from each expressing its importance.

7. 38 per cent revealed that 75 to 100 per cent of employees currently use cloud software. On the other hand, 31 per cent say that just 15 per cent or fewer of their employees do so.

8. The top three factors companies are trying to improve when using a cloud platform are efficiency, with 71 per cent, collaboration (66 per cent) and innovation (55 per cent).

9. 73 per cent say that IT departments have benefitted most from a cloud solution, followed by 41 per cent operations, 40 per cent sales and 34 per cent HR, marketing and customer service.

10. 91 per cent of respondents see an increase in change following the adoption of cloud software over the period of five years.

The report concludes: “These survey results paint an interesting picture about the state of the cloud. It’s clear that businesses of all sizes across all industries and regions recognise the value of cloud technology and plan to incorporate it in a variety of different ways going forward.”

Further reading: 451 Research recently named Amazon Web Services as a leader in the enterprise cloud market, along with VMware and Microsoft close behind.

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