A slide containing details about a Zen core has apparently been leaked

New AMD Zen core processor leaked?

A slide seemingly showing details of a new X86 Zen 16 core processor from AMD has been leaked.

It shows the Zen core APU along with the Greenland high-bandwidth memory (HBM) stream processor boasting 16GB of spare memory, reports Fudzilla.

The rumours suggest that the chip will be equipped with more than 16 Zen x86 cores, supporting two threads each.

Other details include 512KB of L2 cache, and each cluster of the Zen’s four cores will share an 8MB L3 cache. This means the chip could carry 8MB of L2 cache and 32MB of L3.

It will reportedly be compatible with quad-channel DDR4 RAM (up to 3,200MHz) with 256MB of memory per channel.

The APU will apparently feature 64 lanes of available third gen PCI express channels, which switch with SATA, plus support for AMD’s crypto co-processor and secure boot feature.

It is hinted that we can expect the Zen to be launched some time in 2016, however any confirmation of the legitimacy of this slide is yet to be given by AMD.

PCR has contacted AMD for more details.

In other AMD news: It has been rumoured that Samsung may be thinking about buying out AMD.

Here’s the slide:

Image source: Fudzilla

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