The MMOne is built to work with the Oculus Rift headset

PC gaming goes turbo with virtual reality chair on a crane

Gamers will be salivating over this virtual reality gaming chair on a crane that spins users in every single direction.

Ukrainian startup MM-Company has shown off the prototype of this new breed of VR gaming hardware.

This isn’t just standard virtual reality gaming, it isn’t even just virtual reality gaming in a three-axis chair – this is virtual reality gaming, in a three-axis chair, mounted onto a crane.

The MMOne is built to work with the Oculus Rift headset.

It supports gamers who are 3.6 to 6.5 feet tall and weigh up to 260 pounds, with the creators suggesting a minimum age of 12 years old.

Users are tightly strapped into the machine (which looks more like something from a NASA training room than an arcade), and are spun in different directions to match what is happening on the screen.

The unit is still in development with no sign of a release date as of yet – but to stave off the excitement, VR fans can see the prototype in action in the video below:

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