But firm apparently warns that the new voice unlocking isn’t as secure as a pattern, PIN or password

Google working on biometric voice unlocking for Android?

Android users will soon be able to unlock a device using their voice with new biometric security software from Google, according to reports.

The feature (which Google has allegedly named Trusted Voice) apparently uses the “OK Google” vocal search trigger, allowing hands-free use of a device whether it is locked or not, reports the Android Police.

However, a leaked image seemingly shows a Google warning saying that the introduction of the new feature could increase security risks, as imitating a users’ voice can be simpler than guessing a password.

The warning reads: “Trusted voice is less secure than a pattern, PIN, or password. Someone with a similar voice or a recording of your voice could unlock your device.”

Other biometric unlocking methods include trusted devices, places and faces.

The trusted places method lets users remove lockscreen PINs and passwords while in a safe place, such as the home or a place of work – although the issue with this is that it requires the use of battery guzzling GPS.

Android users will apparently soon be able to access the new security feature from the smart lock option on their devices.

In related news: Intel and Qualcomm are entering the biometric tech world with the use of retina and fingerprint scanners.

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