Vendor unveils smartwatch running on its own operating system

Asus claims new VivoWatch has a ten-day battery life

Asus has revealed a new smartwatch that boasts a ten-day battery life.

The new VivoWatch from Asus also appears to have taken a step away from Android Wear, which powered its previous smartwatch: the Zenwatch.

So what is this mystery OS? No one appears to know, but it could possibly be its own OS.

In fact there aren’t many details surrounding the new wearable at all. What we do know however is that the watch will be fitness focused, with the usual heart-rate monitor, sleep tracker, IP67 dust and waterproofing and a bumper battery life.

It’s a big jump from its predecessor the ZenWatch, which had a two-day lifespan. This might explain the lack of Android Wear, which reportedly tends to eat up a device’s power supply.

Johnney Shih, CEO of Asus, has said that he wanted the new smartwatch to last longer and run on a “more simplified” OS, reports Readwrite.

It looks like we’ll just have to wait and see. Asus is currently prepping for launch according to Engadget, with more details to come from Asus at the Milan Design Week.

In other news: Asus recently announced the retail partners and price of its new Transformer Book Chi laptops.

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