Average UK salaries listed for Intel, Microsoft, HP and more

Which tech companies pay junior staff the most?

New figures show the average salaries for junior employees at some of the world’s top tech firms including Intel, HP, Amazon and Google.

The figures come from data submitted anonymously by over 46,000 people to salary benchmarking site Emolument.com, and reveal a surprising level of variation in how much junior employees (with less than five years’ experience) can expect to earn from company to company.

The statistics reveal that social business networking site LinkedIn pays the most with an average junior salary of £60,000 – double that of HP’s £30,000.

"As a brand, LinkedIn arguably doesn’t have the same level of prestige or glamour as Google or Facebook, which may explain why they pay junior employees as much as 20 per cent more, in order to attract the right kind of talent," an Emolument spokesperson said.

"Similarly, Amazon has previously faced high profile criticism for its poor working conditions, but offering such attractive salaries for junior employees will go some way to establishing the company as a desirable employer for technology talent."

Average salaries for junior employees in Europe from some of the world’s highest profile technology companies can be seen below:

Comparatively, senior employees (with ten or more years’ experience) at Apple earn around 10 per cent more than their counterparts at rivals Microsoft, with Apple paying out £76,000 per experienced employee on average, compared to £69,000 at Microsoft.

Founder and CEO of Emolument.com, Thomas Drewry, said: "As well as attracting customers, brand image plays a significant role when it comes to recruiting the kind of talent that will keep pushing technology companies forward. Offering a level of salary transparency allows individuals to see beyond the short-term factors like starting salary and company brand to really understand what a career at a specific company might mean five, 10 or 15 years down the line, empowering them to make more informed choices in these big life decisions."

Speaking of younger tech execs, PCR is hosting a PCR Rising Stars event in June to celebrate the young talent in the UK PC and tech sector.

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