Smart cities will help boost jobs and the economy

Samsung welcomes Government’s new IoT initiative

Samsung hopes to make the majority of its devices part of the IoT strategy by 2018, here Andy Griffiths, president of Samsung Electronics for UK and Ireland, explains why he is supporting the Government’s investment in the UK…

Samsung believes the Internet of Things (IoT) presents significant opportunities both for businesses such as ours and for the wider UK economy. The next few years will be a pivotal time for the UK if it wants to take a lead in this competitive space and at Samsung, we are focused on playing our part in driving this technologically advanced, highly connected future; taking steps to ensure the majority (90 per cent) of our devices are part of our ‘Internet of Things’ strategy by 2017.

Samsung sees the UK as the best place for innovation in Europe and over the years Samsung has invested in a number of projects to advance UK digital capacity. This is a welcome confirmation of the UK’s continuing ambition.

The government’s focus on nurturing individuals and companies who will drive this future is something we at Samsung wholeheartedly encourage and we’d like to see this support continue to create a future in which connected technology is a part of everyday life.

Connected technology has the ability to generate huge efficiencies in different areas – in the healthcare system for example it will help give people quicker and easier access to the care they need to keep people at home and out of the hospital. Additionally, as wearables advance, they will play a huge part in preventative monitoring, so we expect this form of technology to have a significant role in the future.

The investment in smart city technology is another interesting move. Encouraging cities and academics to focus on driving smart technology innovation will help the UK get to a place in which these technologies are being utilised effectively, to make a real difference to how we live and work, boosting the economy and creating jobs.

There is huge potential for the UK to be the world leader in smart cities and so hopefully the Government’s investment will ensure that we don’t miss this opportunity. We of course look forward to working with the Government to help realise these ambitions and have already been engaged in work on developing the IoT opportunity.

Other tech industry members have also welcomed this investment. Check out what Cisco and ARM had to say here.

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