Nvidia claims that both companies are infringing on its GPU patents

Nvidia positive on patent dispute against Samsung and Qualcomm

The judge leading Nvidia’s patent case against Samsung and Qualcomm has returned a pretrial claim construction ruling that favours almost all of Nvidia’s claims.

The case was raised in September 2014 requesting that Samsung halt shipments of such devices as the Galaxy Note Edge tablet and Galaxy S5 smartphone, which incorporate Qualcomm mobile processors.

Nvidia claims that both companies are infringing on its GPU patents covering technology including programmable shading, unified shaders and multithreaded parallel processing.

Nvidia stated on its website: “We’re very pleased with the outcome of the ruling, in which claim constructions favourable to Nvidia will be applied to six out of seven disputed claims when the judge considers the question of Samsung’s and Qualcomm’s infringement.

“This further strengthens the patents we have asserted, and we look forward to a full hearing in late June.”

The two defending companies allegedly chose to use Nvidia’s IP without proper compensation being paid, which it says is inconsistent with its strategy to earn an appropriate return on investment (ROI).

From the 7,000 issued and pending patents, seven were chosen to assert in the case including:

– Foundational Invention – the GPU – which puts all the functions needed to process graphics onto a single chip.

– Invention of programmable shading, which allows non-experts to program sophisticated graphics.

– Invention of unified shaders, allowing every processing unit in the GPU to be used for different purposes.

– Invention of multithreaded parallel processing in GPUs, enabling processing to happen on separate threads while accessing the same memory and other resources.

The full pretrial claim construction (from the US international Commission) can be seen below.

In amongst these claims, Samsung has also forecast a drop in profit of around 30 per cent, reports the Verge.

It has predicted that it made just over £36.2 billion between January and March from the almost £30 billion revenue, representing the profit dip and a 12 per cent drop in sales year-on-year.

ITC Markman Ruling in Patent Case Against Samsung, Qualcomm from NVIDIA

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