2014 saw the thin client market grow by 7.9 per cent year on year, shipping 1.97 million units

EMEA thin client market will struggle to match 2014 growth

The EMEA thin client market saw significant growth in 2014 with an increase of 7.9 per cent year on year, shipping 1.97 million units.

The IDC reckons that the market will struggle to match those results in 2015, as last year’s success was driven global factors, which don’t apply in the coming year.

Oleg Sidorkin, senior research analyst at IDC, commented: "The EMEA thin-client market will return to its long-term one-digit growth trajectory by the end of 2015,"

“Global factors which gave a boost to thin-client shipments in 2014, such as end of support for Windows XP and postponed commercial PC upgrades, have basically died away, and the market is seeking out new drivers to sustain growth momentum."

Shipments in Western Europe surpassed forecasts in 2014, growing at double-digit rates in the first three quarters.

That kind of pace will be tough to repeat, and will result in the overall market to decline during the same quarters in 2015, levelling out in the following quarters.

Current economic and political situations in Russia and Ukraine have put pressure in thin-client demand, which decreased in Russia from 9 per cent in 2013 to 5 per cent in 2014, with a decline expected to continue through until 2016.

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