30-year-old patent covers the word ‘Apple’

Apple Watch banned from Switzerland

Apple’s anticipated Apple Watch may be banned from Switzerland according to reports.

With pre-orders for the smartwatch starting on April 10th, a patent dating back to 1985 could stop customers purchasing the device in Switzerland.

The patent may ban the watch from sale until the end of 2015, as it covers the use of the word ‘Apple’ and the image of an apple in association with watches and jewellery.

The patent currently belongs to William Leong, owner of the Geneva-based watch brand Leonard, which is due to expire on December 5th this year, according to RTS.

Apple has said that it plans to sell the new watch in UK, US, Japan, France, Germany, China, Hong Kong, Canada and Australia.

The Apple Watch will start at $349, with various other options priced at around $10,000.

The new device has also received some competition from the likes of Swatch, with the announcement that it will release its first smartwatch around the same time as the Apple watch.

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