Free Wi-Fi can offer a unique customer experience

Free Wi-Fi can help boost sales for retailers

Offering free Wi-Fi spots along the High Street can provide retailers with a unique offering, which Purple Wi-Fi’s CEO Gavin Wheeldon believes will help drive sales…

As online sales continue to increase and High Street shop sales continue to falter, technology retailers are constantly looking for a solution. Last year’s Black Friday might have sold an unprecedented number of laptops and routers, Kindle Paperwhites and Apple iPads, but how can sales continue to grow in-store?

The provision of ‘free’ Wi-Fi could be the solution. There will be initial installation costs to the retailer but over time these will be recouped, sometimes in a matter of months, as the information and data supplied helps increase sales and customer footfall with targeted coupons and offers.

The combination of ‘free’ Wi-Fi and location based services and analytics allow for this unique experience. While customers are enjoying the benefits of using Facebook or Twitter, the retailer is gaining a valuable insight into their spending power. The technology also allows for the drawing of invisible lines around sales areas or locations so retailers can monitor who’s coming into the shop and what they are buying.

Think about it – having information that allowed you to know what your customer was likely to buy allows you to send the relevant offer in real time directly to their mobile via SMS or email. Special discounts offered immediately as a customer is shopping can only encourage spending. No need to look for an online discount, it’s right there in their hand.

Nisa Cardiff and Camden Market are already using these services. Nisa Cardiff found free Wi-Fi encouraged more people into the shop, increased the amount of time they spent there and in turn upped their purchasing power. Camden Market took advantage of Purple Wi-Fi’s unique Facebook demographic reporting. This has enabled them to identify their visitor’s preferences and then in turn target their marketing at the relevant customers. If their experiences can be seen as a reflection of general shopping trends there is no reason why retailers in the technological sector can’t reap similar rewards.

Keeping one eye on customer requirements can only increase purchasing power and brand loyalty. Installing free Wi-Fi could turn back the tide and see High Street shops prosper once more. This can only be a good thing for technological traders, with or without Black Friday.

Gavin Wheeldon, is the CEO of Purple WiFi

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