Kaizo PR's phone and internet access impacted

Tech PR firm hit by Holborn fire

Tech PR company Kaizo, which represents the likes of Crucial, Cisco and Epson, has been hit by an electrical fire in London.

The company was among more than 100 firms affected by the fire. 5,000 people were evacuated from their offices yesterday in total, as smoke was seen billowing out of an inspection cover in Kingsway, Holborn.

Kaizo’s MD Rhodri Harries and director Stephanie MacLeod have both said on Twitter that the communications company has been left with limited phone and internet access. 

Around 35 firefighters and six fire engines were called to the scene and remain there today, saying that the blaze has been difficult to tackle, according to the BBC.

It is believed that the fire started among underground cables, which has been a problem for the fire brigade to deal with effectively, as every power supply needs to be switched off.

The loss of power is obviously an issue for tech and PR companies in the area, who appear to be in the dark as to when the situation will return to normal.

Assistant commissioner of the London Fire Brigade, Dany Cotton, has advised people to avoid the immediate area if possible.

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