The PC game add-on introduces three new careers

Sims 4 Get to Work expansion hits shelves

The Sims 4 PC game expansion pack US release has been announced by EA and Maxis.

Sims 4 Get to Work is available for PC and Mac for around £27 in store or for digital download.

The pack introduces three all-new careers into the world, and lets players control their Sims’ daily workday decisions, and decide whether they want to work hard for a promotion, or cause mayhem in the workplace.

The three new careers available include doctor, which sees the Sim examine patients, run x-rays, perform surgeries and deliver baby Sims. These docs also make house visits to sick Sims, however run the risk of falling ill themselves through close interaction with poorly patients.

The detective role is based in the local police station where the Sim will pick up cases to solve. Players will visit crime scenes, gather evidence, track clues and collect witness statements to make arrests.

Finally Sims can also become a scientist, during which they will create inventions such as cloning machines or the SimRay. Scientist Sims can also can also build the ElectroFlux Wormhole Generator to teleport them to a mysterious world called Sixam.

Alternatively, players can also open their own retail store by purchasing an existing business. Personalise the store front, customise uniforms and choose whether to run a clothes store, art gallery, bakery, bookstore plus many more.

Sims 4 was released back in September of last year, with the Get to Work expansion pack being announced in February.

In other Sim news: EA’s main Maxis studio and veteran developer of such titles as Spore and SimCity recently ceased operation.

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