Samsung’s April launch date of its next-gen home automation devices has been put back to Q3

Samsung delays launch of home automation devices

Samsung’s move into the smart home market is well underway, but we’ll have to wait a little longer to see what has come from its SmartThings acquisition.

The company is delaying the release of its home automation devices (originally set for April) to some time in Q3, but an exact date is yet to be announced.

It said that the new Hub and SmartSense Multi, Presence and Motion have been designed, built and are being actively tested now.

These devices are designed to offer a smarter way to secure a home, informing users if there is an intruder, or if doors or windows are being opened whilst they are out, and letting parents know when the kids get home.

The Hub is built with “AppEngine” functionality, meaning that most of the processing that was previously carried out via the cloud, will be done locally in the device, making response time faster.

It also means that the LAN-connected devices will carry on running even if the internet connection is lost, plus with its battery backup capabilities, certain automations will remain running for a while after the device switches off.

Samsung said in a statement: “We’re working round the clock to get the experience to the point where it needs to be. We’ve also been performing lots of additional testing to ensure that we’re carefully addressing many of the service disruptions that some of you have recently experienced.

“The last thing we want is to rush out a product that doesn’t meet your high expectations – or ours.”

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