VIP visitors will also be able to try out the $10,000 smartwatch in a private room

Top-of-the-range Apple Watch buyers will get to jump the queues

Those wanting to purchase the gold $10,000 ‘Edition’ version of the Apple Watch will have the blow to their wallets softened by being allowed to jump to the front of the queue.

Customers can expect a unique shopping experience, skipping queues, and benefitting from a dedicated expert that’ll guide them through their Apple Store adventure, reports 9to5Mac.

These VIP visitors will be able to try out the $10k device in a private room where they will be able to try out just two devices at a time.

Potential Apple Watch buyers will also be able to video conference an Apple employee if they don’t want to visit the store in person.

In other Apple news: The Silicon Valley company has secretly doubled its data centre site near Reno, Nevada.

Apple now has two huge buildings on the site, providing twice the capacity of its initial large structure from one year ago.

There is also around 345 acres of land reserved by Apple in total, giving it lots of room to expand.

But it’s not all about Apple when it comes to spending, as chief executive Tim Cook has announced that he will be donating most of his vast wealth to charity before he dies.

After he has funded his ten-year-old nephew’s college education, he will join the likes of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft’s Bill Gates on the Giving Pledge.

According to Fortune Magazine, Cook holds £80 million in Apple shares, and £447 million of restricted stocks. His base salary is currently sitting at £6.2 million a year.

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