TFL has announced an investment into ultra-secure USB flash drives, writes Enta's Suzanne McNicholas

iStorage set to boost security for Transport for London

Entatech’s Suzanne McNicholas looks at how iStorage is strengthening Transport for London’s (TFL) security in this piece.

How safe is your data? Chances are you have a number of security procedures in place to secure your everyday data from a sim passcode on your phone, a login for your PC or laptop at home or at work, a login for your internet banking – and even a security code your keep your home and possessions safe while you’re away.

However, one area we often forget about, which has been in the press of late, is the safety of portable storage devices, such as memory sticks.

You may have read the latest legal requirement that confidential data is to be protected under both the Data Protection Act and PCI DSS.

Failure to protect confidential data, which results in a storage device becoming lost or stolen, will result in hefty fines for the company involved. However, this is an issue that can be easily resolved through clever investment in encrypted memory.

Memory sticks are one of the main causes of data loss for businesses currently. Although they hold many benefits in terms of being small, portable and easy to use, they can also be easily lost or misplaced. In order to eradicate the issue of data on sticks falling into the wrong hands, use of them should either be removed, or businesses should invest in password protected and fully encrypted models, which are available from iStorage.

In March this year, Transport for London (TfL) announced an investment into ultra-secure USB flash drives to heighten the level of security for their data, in the event of loss or theft of their portable devices. Within this announcement, TfL revealed that iStorage’s DatAshur USB flash drives would be used as standard for TfL staff when transporting data on the move.

DatAshur conforms to the Level 3 of the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS), a measure of security used by the US government to assess the strength of cryptology, in particular for use within the government.

The iStorage DatAshur is a robust security solution that can help eradicate the overall costs associated with data loss – not just on a monetary basis – at a time where the protection of data has never been so great.

Investing in encrypted memory sticks may cause users to worry about the increase in cost, but they hold a myriad of benefits. The high value of encrypted memory may give users cause to think more about the data they store on it, protecting sensitive data further. What’s more, the monetary penalty now applied for losing an unencrypted memory stick will be far greater than the costs associated with purchasing an encrypted drive.

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