Vendor invited guests from politics, business and entertainment to its Germany-based campus

Sennheiser opens first flagship retail store in Germany

Sennheiser has announced the next step in the expansion of its facilities with Germany’s first Sennheiser flagship retail store.

Guests have been invited from politics, business and entertainment to the campus and its store to try out for themselves what the audio company has to offer.

Along with the retail store, the audio company has opened up an innovation campus within the 7,000 square metre build, which aims to invite cross-functional teams to work on projects that develop and market groundbreaking audio solutions.

Dr. Andreas Sennheiser, CEO of Sennheiser commented: “With our new Innovation Campus, Sennheiser now has the biggest and most modern centre for innovation in the entire audio industry.

“We have created the space to develop innovations that are targeted even more directly at the customer. This is apparent not only in the building’s architecture but also in a new way of working.

“Groundbreaking ideas are created in cross-functional, international project teams that take pioneering audio solutions all the way to the customer. And our passion for audio technology can be experienced by everyone who visits our Flagship Store.”

Visitors to the opening of the campus were treated to performances from Nik Nowak who presented his work at the interface between sculpture and sound, and Gregor Zielinsky who gave an insight into 3D audio technology, used in a recent David Bowie exhibition.

Olaf Les, Lower Saxony’s Minister for Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport said: “This is an impressive new facility and I am very pleased to see this clear sign of the company’s commitment to its headquarters in Wedemark.

“The sustained success of Sennheiser electronic is not down to chance, but is the result of entrepreneurial action that is alert to every change in customers’ needs and in the markets and which responds to these changes wisely and courageously.

“The new Innovation Campus is Sennheiser electronic’s answer to the challenges of the 21st century.”

Sennheiser recently celebrated its 70th anniversary by explaining how the company first started out.

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