Avexir RAM now available from Overclockers UK

World’s first DDR4 RAM with flashing LED strobe lights is blingtastic

Memory vendor Avexir has launched the first LED-based DDR4 RAM, which it promises will make whoever buys it ‘the envy of all their friends’.

The new Avexir Core Series 16GB DDR4 2666MHz kit features a red strobe LED effect and is priced at £199.99. Perfect for those who want flashy lights on their RAM to light up the innards of their PC.

The product is being sold by system builder/etailer Overclockers UK and comes with a lifetime warranty from Avexir. It’s designed specifically for ‘extreme power users’ and gamers. 

Avexir’s LED DDR4 features black PCB, black heatspreaders, SPD programmed at JEDEC standard 9-9-9-24 values at 1333MHz, CAS timings of 15-15-15-35 and a dual channel kit (4x4GB). It has been tested at 2666MHz in Intel X99 based motherboards.

"Core Red Series is designed to be a perfect visual match for Asus ROG, EVGA, Asrock Fatality and MSI Gaming mainboards, giving you a look which shall make you the envy of all your friends," reads the product description.

Avexir has previously offered RAM with LED lighting, but this is the first time it has done so with a stick of DDR4.

In other flashy PC performance news, earlier this year Overclockers broke benching records with the first 2000w power supply

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