A gamer put his old and broken Dell m1210 into the oven and cooked it back to life

Guy fixes laptop by cooking it in the oven

A dead Dell m1210 that was fitted with a faulty Nvidia graphics chip was given a new lease of life in the strangest of ways.

With seemingly no hope left for his beloved gaming laptop, Sean Buckley saught advice from the internet. It told him to put his broken device in the oven, so he did… and it worked!

His Dell was one of the nlucky computers to be fitted with a faulty Nvidia graphics chip between 2008 and 2010, which saw many machines affected and was the cause Xbox’s dreaded red ring of death, Buckley reports on Gizmodo.

The warranty covered the repair of the deceased device for a time, but of course all good things must come to an end – leaving Buckley laptop-less.

What was happening was that the device would overheat and melt the solder that connected the chips to the rest of the machine. Theoretically, heating it up in the oven for ten minutes should reflow the solder and reconnect the chips.

“Sure, why the hell not – it’s not like the old girl works anyway,” said Buckley.

After stripping the machine bit-by-bit, right down to the CPU, he set his oven to 320-350 degrees, put the machine inside and waited ten minutes.

Low and behold it worked, for the first time in years.

In other broken laptop news: Lenovo teamed up with YouTube channel Above Average to prank shoppers with a broken Macbook.

Check out the freshly cooked laptop below:

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