Apparently you have to be fashion savvy as well as tech savvy to work for Apple now

Apple staff offer fashion advice to boost Apple Watch sales

As Apple stores are prepping for the launch of Apple Watch, its store staff are swatting up on their fashion trends as well as device specs.

To assist in sales of the wearable device, which merges fashion with technology, retail staff are to offer personal fashion and styling advice to help customers find the best type of strap for them, reports 9to5mac (image source for the below).

Shoppers will be advised based on how they dress as well as their lifestyle. The guidelines that Apple has offered for giving such advice as a novice consists of making comments about why an option is a good choice as opposed to a bad one, and using accessories already owned by the customer to base the advice on.

It also suggests they don’t focus on price as a reason to recommend an option, because the customer will spend more on a product that’ll make them feel good.

Apple allegedly expects its customers to say “I love how it will coordinate with many of my outfits," "I’m sure I’ll have this for years" and "I think I can afford that".

In other news, fake Apple Store employees from YouTube channel Nelkfilmz recently took to the shop floor, attempting to convince customers to pick Microsoft or Samsung in favour of an iPhone. You can see the video below.

In related news: CCS Insight recently predicted that the Apple Watch will account for a quarter of the wearable market this year.

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