HCi Viocare Technologies has developed a connected insole that delivers real-time feedback on the wearer

This new IoT connected footwear taps right into the sole of the wearer

Bio-engineering firm HCi Viocare Technologies has announced an Internet of Things (IoT) connected innersole for athletes’ trainers that will allegedly prevent injury.

The sole, which fits into a standard show or running trainer, is being aimed at healthcare and sport, with its creators in talks with possible licensing partners.

The device uses a group of tiny electronic sensors, sending data back to a connected smart device. This allows the wearer to receive real-time feedback on their performance for analysis, helping to improve their game, as well as avoid injury.

Within the healthcare sector, the Smart Insole will be used to watch the stresses and strains we put on our feet, and identify injuries before they become too big of an issue.

Christos Kapatos, CTO of HCi Viocare Technologies, said: “2015 is the year that both industries and individuals will truly begin to feel the impact of connectivity beyond the smartphone and PC.

“We are developing a portfolio of game-changing and even life-changing products that will take wearable tech to the next level of detail and sophistication.

“Our Smart Insole is a great example of exactly how Internet of Things products will radically define our lives over the next decade."

Viocare’s device could be most useful to people with diabetes who often suffer from Neuropathy, which causes loss of sensation in the foot, eventually resulting in foot ulsers – the cause of thousands of amputations each year that could be prevented with such a device.

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