Magic Leap shows off video featuring an impressive augmented reality game

New futuristic AR tech could take on HoloLens – video

Augmented reality (AR) developer Magic Leap has shown off what it will eventually be able to do with its tech, in an impressive demo.

The video is shot in first person, displaying the everyday tasks that could be performed using augmented reality, such as checking emails or surfing the web by interacting with 3D objects that appear in front of the user.

It then goes on to show what an AR-powered game might look like. The player selects a weapon from their arsenal and navigates his real-life surroundings shooting virtual enemies that pop up.

The overall mechanics of this tech seem to heavily mirror Microsoft’s HoloLens wearable AR glasses, which were described as ‘the world’s most advanced holographic platform’ and is powered on the Windows 10 OS.

Even though the project appears to be in its infancy, Magic Leap has said that employees are already playing the immersive shoot-em-up around the office.

The company has to date raised $542 million from investors including Google. No release dates, prices or specs were shared at this time.

Checkout Magic Leap’s video below.

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