Quadro visual computing appliance also announced

Nvidia shows off its Quadro M6000 days after the Titan X

Just a few days after the introduction of Nvidia’s flagship GeForce Titan X graphics cards, the tech company has revealed the new Quadro card (pictured).

The Titan X was the first graphics card to use Nvidia’s new Maxwell GPU, which has now been introduced into its new professional card, the Quadro M6000.

Thanks to the earlier than usual release dates, professional users will get access the company’s top-of-the-line products much earlier than usual.

The M6000 is really at the top of its game, enabling all 3072 CUDA cores, and a maximum clockspeed of 1.14GHz meaning the card is capable of pushing seven TFLOPS of single precision performance.

Nvidia also announced that its GPU Boost technology has be introduced onto the Quadro M6000, which supports ten boost states.

The M6000 memory hits 6.6GHz and as with previous models is protected with ECC.

Announced alongside the release of the new card, was the Quadro visual computing appliance (VCA), the new high-end network-attached render server.

The device performs rapid remote rendering jobs, with multiple GPUs packed into a single server box, and with scaled out capabilities to multiple VCA boxes through 10GigE and infiniband.

The Quadro VCA holds eight of the Quadro GM200 cards, which Nvidia said should perform similar to the M6000, but do have different BIOS that has them clocked in a little different.

Launch dates for these products have not yet been confirmed but it looks as though the Quadro M6000 will be priced around £3389 and the VCA at about £33,901.

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