Young students can learn to code with a new microcomputer as part of the Make it Digital campaign

BBC announces microcomputer for young coders

A new Microcomputer similar to the Raspberry Pi has been announced by the BBC as part of a campaign aimed at getting students coding.

The Make it Digital campaign will see the devices made available to secondary schools across the UK. It eventually hopes to have enough for every year 7 student to benefit from.

The Micro Bit allows kids to learn the basics of coding, putting the subject on their curriculum alongside other basic subjects such as maths and literacy.

This is a nationwide initiative that hopes to encourage creativity and enhance coding skills, preparing young coders for the changing job market.

This isn’t the first time the BBC encourage the use of computing in schools. The BBC Micro was introduced into the classroom back in the 80s, and was the first experience of computing for many children.

In related news: Recent research from vendor Crucial found that activities such as coding, gaming and programming are more popular now than ever before, with 68 per cent of Brits believing that learning how to use computers is more important than traditional subjects.

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