Cisco Cloud Architecture announced for the Microsoft Cloud Platform

Microsoft extends Cisco partnership with new cloud tech

Cisco has announced that its cloud and data relationship with Microsoft has been extended.

The partnership will include new tech that is designed to speed up service delivery, and streamline the journey to the intercloud for cloud providers.

With current cloud services, providers must manage the complexity and cost of integrating the infrastructure and application layers needed to being new cloud services to the market.

To combat these issues, the two companies have announced the launch of the Cisco Cloud Architecture for the Microsoft Cloud Platform.

This built-in solution combines Windows Azure Pack and Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure, helping providers deliver their services quicker, while simplifying operations and reducing cost.

Along with the new platform, the partnership aims to meet the needs of traditional enterprise applications. Complementing Cisco’s OpenStack-based architectures for cloud native workloads, it provides hybrid cloud capability to connect with Intercloud and Azure.

Aziz Benmalek, GM of hosting service providers with Microsoft, said: "Cisco and Microsoft already have a strong relationship in the cloud and data centre markets.

“Today, we’re expanding that collaboration with a solution that will allow our mutual partners to deliver services quickly and grow revenue faster with a cloud-enabled platform.

“The work we’ve done to integrate Cisco ACI with Windows Azure Pack will allow cloud providers to dramatically accelerate time-to-market, while decreasing costs. Together, Cisco and Microsoft are helping our partners evolve with current market demand and rapidly shifting customer needs."

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