Brits are willing to spend an overall £35 million on wearable technology with fitbands beings the most desirable

Half of Brits willing to spend £111 on a new wearable tech device

Almost half of Brits are willing to spend £111 on a newly launched piece of wearable technology, equating to £35 million across the UK adult population.

According to research from research from experiential agency Fizz, 41 per cent of the population opt for researching wearable technology online, whereas 32 per cent are influenced by recommendations from family and friends, and only 23 per cent read social media reviews before purchasing a device in store. 

53 per cent say tech that helps them get fit is the most desirable, followed by 27 per cent who prefer wearables to alter style and appearance.

Whether or not a customer can try out a piece of tech in-store is a deciding factor for 41 per cent, and expert knowledge is most important for 28 per cent.

Jill Pinner, chairman and founder of Fizz Experience, said: “There is huge growth predited in the wearable technology sector in 2015 with some big launches planned. Considering how new the concept of wearable technology is to the general public it is extremely encouraging to see three quarters of Britons wanting to invest in a piece of wearable technology. 

"There is a big opportunity for brands, especially in the health and beauty sector, to meet consumer demand, and for retailers of wearable technology to invest in their in-store experience and online presence as they play a fundamental part in the customer’s route to purchase.”

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