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Durex’s “revolutionary” sex tech: Cop off or Cop out?

Remember when we announced that Durex was penetrating the wearable tech space alongside Pornhub’s WankBand? Well this is the result. 

To be honest, the only thing that has been left stiff after discovering how the sexual wellbeing company planned to “revolutionise our sex lives”, was my upper lip.

I am only human, so when someone says they have something for me that could enhance my under-the-cover adventures, my interest is naturally going to be aroused (sorry). 

Bearing in mind that Durex’s head of research and development, Richard Arnold said, and I quote: “our market research has identified a genuine desire for this technology in our sex lives”, you’d expect a physical, or digital piece of tech to be unveiled.

Unfortunately I was left feeling deflated when I saw what the company had to expose.

In short, Durex and Siren Mobile’s tech revolution for the bedroom was… the off button on your mobile.

That’s right! The off button on your mobile. The big reveal was basically ‘turn your phone off and get it on’.

OK so I get the message, maybe the amount of time we are on our mobile devices could be reduced to enjoy life more… that’s fair enough.

But come on, this was a tease, plain and simple. Instead of helping people cop off, they have simply copped out. 

Stick to your condoms, Durex, and leave technology to the experts!

Saying that, the new Angry Birds game was launched today… and it does look pretty good. I’d best warn the missus.

Check out Durex and Siren Mobile’s video below.

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