Jen Andersson role as PR manager spans across the whole business

A day in the life of: Jen Andersson, PR manager Northern Europe, Nvidia

Nvidia’s PR manager for Northern Europe, Jen Andersson, tells PCR why her day is never dull..

Starting off with what might sound like a cliché; no day is ever the same in the life of PR. Nor is there ever a dull moment. It’s a hugely rewarding job and I love what I do. 

One thing that stays the same is the point when my alarm clock goes off; I reach for my phone and start checking emails. Working for a US company, there’s rarely a quiet hour and you can bet your bottom dollar that your inbox will be flooded with emails from your colleagues across the pond. 

After a quick browse through, I can use my journey to work to prioritise what needs responding to and what actions need taking straight from the off. Enter office and after making a strong coffee, I can start skimming the web to make sure I’m aware of any relevant news or comment of relevance that has been published overnight. 

My role as PR manager spans the entire Nvidia business, which includes gaming, mobility, enterprise and automotive, so there’s always something going on. A new product may have launched and I need to be sure it’s in the hands of the right press for reviews. An event might also be happening at the end of the week so I need to be sure I have the hardware and game developer support to pull it off, and of course the media attendance. Internal meetings crop up sporadically where I sit down with sales and marketing colleagues and work out a proposed PR strategy to support their overall business focus for an upcoming campaign.

Developing a comms strategy for each of our many exciting areas of business goes way beyond simple media liaison and social media forms a large part of it. Creating a social link is key as today’s generation (especially young gamers) may not read traditional news outlets but spend most of their time on YouTube. 

Is it only 1pm?

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