Turkey’s Family and Social Policies Ministry wants to ban Minecraft because it’s “too violent”

Turkey’s worried kids may mistake Minecraft for reality and torture animals

The Family and Social Policies Ministry of Turkey has released a petition to get popular game Minecraft banned for being too violent.

The ministry has also said that it is worried that children might confuse the blocky game for reality and torture animals, and are in danger of “social isolation”, reports Venturebeat.

In Survival Mode, players do face hordes of “genderless monsters that come out at night” and must fight to survive. However this is as violent as it gets (except for the occasional punching of a tree.)

A spokesperson from Minecraft creator, Mojang, told Gamesbeat: “If people find this level of conflict upsetting, we would encourage them to play in Creative Mode, or to enable the Peaceful setting. Both of these options will prevent monsters from appearing in the world.”

Regardless of this, the Turkish government remain adamant that the game is “based on violence”, which isn’t good for a game Turkey reckons is exclusively for children.

A Turkish court must agree with the Ministry to allow the ban to go through, which will see Minecraft.net join the 67,000 plus sites already blocked in the country.

In other Minecraft news: Players were recently encouraged to change their passwords due to a security hack

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