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Top six wearables at the Wearable Tech Show 2015

PCR has trawled this year’s Wearable Tech Show and pulled out six of the best wearable gadgets here.

This is the year of wearables according to many of the companies at the show.

There is plenty here, from a Space Agency astronaut sock that measures muscle activity, to a head band that trains the brain to be calmer (not forgetting the usual suspects: Google Glass, Samsung Gear etc).

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The show offers an insight into how wearable tech is changing various industries such areas as healthcare, emergency services and sport. Without further ado, here are six of our favourite bits of wearable technology we have seen at the Wearable Technology Show 2015 from the London ExCeL.

1. Interaxon’s Muse Brain Sensing Headband

This headband from Interaxon (aside from making the user look like a ’60s throw back hippy) helps train the brain to be more relaxed. Users can exercise their mind to improve attention, identify distractions quicker and react faster to regain focus.

The device is available from today in the UK for £238 from Amazon. It requires the use of a free companion app for iOS, Android and from the Amazon Appstore.

2. Atlas Wearables wristband

The Atlas wristband detects when the user is exercising, displays what they are doing and counts reps in real time. It learns algorithms and can detect track exercises in 3D. All the user actually has to do is begin working out.

The wristband can be preordered from the Atlas website for around £165.

3. Epson’s BT-200 AR smartglasses

These smartglasses claim to take augmented reality into the next generation. They open up a new world of entertainment, manufacturing, medical science and more.

The difference with these glasses is that each lens has its own display which minimises distraction. It boasts a front-facing camera, motion tracker and offers a great platform for Android developers to trial AR tech.

The device is available now for £569.

4. V1bes Stress Meter App and Ring

If you find yourself getting super stressed more often than not, then this could be the device for you.

The ring combines data collected from brainwaves, heart rate and surrounding electric fields to define how stressed the user is. It delivers this information to a companion app, which the user can then view to see what exactly stresses them out, and how best to combat it.

The V1bes ring can be bought from the Indie Gogo website.

5. Teiimo iilation Jacket

The iilation Jacket from Teiimo is a fashionable leather jacket that is Bluetooth enabled, has a phone charge and is self heating. (I wish I had one of these right now – it’s freezing in the ExCeL centre…)

Read more on the Teiimo website.

6. Burg Smartwatch

The Berg smartwatch has the appearance of a traditional “tick tock” watch (as I like to call them). Users can use the device as an actual phone, meaning they can take calls, view messages, record sound and video plus much more.

The device, which also pairs with iOS and Android as well as Bluetooth headsets, is available now for about £125, and comes with a SIM containing $25 of talk time.

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