Prototype shown off at PAX East event in US; consumer version likely

Intel unveils performance NVMe SSD: “A revolution in solid-state drives is coming”

Intel has shown off a powerful prototype SSD card at the PAX East consumer gaming event in the US.

The performance drive uses Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) technology which connects the solid-state drive (SSD) to a motherboard’s PCI Express expansion slot.

Intel has also teased that "a revolution in solid-state drives is coming" and has posted a countdown timer on its website.

The SSD will be available in 400GB and 1.2TB versions, reports Gamers Nexus, while it’s rumoured Intel is thinking about launching an 800GB model too.

Intel says the card will be around four times faster than standard SATA III SSD speeds.

There are currently no prices or launch dates yet confirmed for the NVMe SSD, nor a firm name.

While Intel hasn’t yet said if the SSD will be available as a mass-produced consumer version, it’s likely some announcement around this will be made in three weeks’ time. 

Image source: Gamers Nexus

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