Unveil includes new controller, streaming box and the SteamVR hardware

Valve launches series of Steam gaming accessories

PC gaming company and Steam download platform owner Valve has unveiled a new Steam Controller, Steam Link streaming box and SteamVR hardware for its PC gaming machines.

The company confirmed that it has tested the final version of the Steam Controller, which includes two touchpads for the d-pad and right had analog stick, a back panel, a single joystick and an Xbox style layout of face and shoulder buttons.

Valve also showed off the Steam Link, which sends content from PC to TV, promising a stable and lag-free gaming experience without having to be hunched over a computer or laptop. The device, which can be connected via a wire or wirelessly, will be priced at around £30 and is expected in November.

14 Steam Machines were shown off at GDC, with the cheapest being the Athlon X4-powered rig by iBuyPower. The device will be priced at about £300 and boasts a 1 GB Radeon R7 video card. Valve previously delayed the launch of these devices in an effort to refine the user experience. 

Scan Computers, which collaborated with Valve, is the first UK-based company working on a Steam Machine (initially due to launch in the second half of 2014 priced at £699, but subsequently delayed).

HTC announced it is producing the Vive virtual reality headset in partnership with Valve.

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