Players will be able to buy a game-time token then sell it for virtual currency

World of Warcraft lets players use real money to buy in-game gold

World of Warcraft (WoW) has announced a new initiative that will effectively allow players to buy in-game currency using real money. 

Developer Blizzard Entertainment has revealed the new ‘WoW Token’ on its website – an in-game item that gives players 30 days of game time (worth £9.99).

Upon buying the virtual item for a tenner, players can then place it on the in-game auction house and sell it for virtual gold ‘at the current market price’. Hey presto – World of Warcraft gamers will be able to purchase virtual currency for £9.99 a pop.

Equally, this also means that players will for the first time be able to purchase 30 days worth of game time using in-game currency. Previously they had to use a credit or debit card or purchase physical game cards from retail stores.

Now, when a player buys a WoW Token from the in-game auction house using virtual gold, the Token becomes ‘Soulbound’, meaning only the buyer can then redeem it for 30 days of game time.

"The WoW Token was created to give players with lots of extra gold the option to use it to help cover their subscription cost, and give those who want to purchase gold a way to do so from fellow players through a secure, easy-to-use system," said Blizzard in a statement. "The Token will be making its debut in an upcoming patch."

WoW charges players above level 20 £9.99 per month to play. It increased its subscription costs last year.

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