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PCR kicks off Managed Services Week

PCR editor Dominic Sacco runs through PCR’s special Managed Services Week.

Retail is undergoing some huge changes right now.

From fresh in-store tech to the impending Internet of Things, bricks and mortar stores are becoming more digitised – the line between High Street and online retail is blurring.

But there’s arguably an even bigger change going on specifically within independent tech retail right now.

For years break/fix and boxed product sales have been a staple part of the indie PC retailer’s repertoire. The customer needs a computer repair or part, you provide it and bill them for a one-off payment. Simple.

However, this kind of service means you may have particularly strong sales some months but much less when business goes quiet.

In a tough market where online retailers are extremely competitive on price and upkeep costs can be difficult to manage, not all retailers can afford to rely on a good month here and a bad month there.

To handle this, many are turning to managed services (charging customers a monthly fee for repairs and other solutions) to pull in steady recurring revenues. In fact, 41 per cent of the retailers we spoke to in our survey this month already offer managed services, and of those who don’t, a quarter are planning on offering it this year. 

You can read the full survey and take a more in-depth look at managed services in the March issue of PCR (check out the March 2015 issue digital edition here). We had so much input and content from the industry on this topic, we literally didn’t have enough room in the magazine to cover it all. So be sure to check out www.pcr-online.biz this week where we’ll be hosting a special managed services week full of opinion, analysis and essential info on the growing business model.

What do you think of managed services? Send me an email and we’ll include the best comments on our website.

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