Tech will use readings from eyes, fingertips and voice

Intel and Qualcomm to share biometric security tech plans

Qualcomm and Intel are expected to unveil devices that will use biometric tech, such as retina and fingerprint scanners instead of the trusty password.

Intel will reportedly debut its True Key technology, which uses a device’s camera to scan the users’ ‘facial math’, taking note of the distance between the eyes and nose, reading fingerprints and recording voice as security checks, reports the New York Times.

Authorised users will then be given access to stored passwords, and be able to use their device.

Qualcomm on the other hand is expected to reveal a new sonar-based method of reading fingerprints through glass, plastic and metal.

This technology scans so deep into the skin recording every single bump and crevice, that it could be significantly harder to bypass, should someone want to break into the device.

Tim McDonough, VP for marketing at Qualcomm, predicts the future of the tech: “You’ll eventually see it in watches, cars, gaming devices and set top boxes.”

The chipmaker is a member of Fido Alliance along with Google, Microsoft, Alibaba, Samsung and PayPal all of whom hope to make online authentication easier. This could be an ideal avenue for Qualcomm to push out the technology. 

Both companies are expected to make their announcements at this year’s Mobile World Congress trade show which takes place this week in Barcelona.

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