New tech could replace standard keypad passwords

Fujitsu’s new tech allows users to unlock devices with eyes

Today Fujitsu announced the development of its new iris authentication system at Mobile World Congress (MWC).

By looking at a smartphone’s screen, the user’s iris gets read, which then enables the phone to get unlocked.

The technology is a form of biometric authentication, which reads the pattern of a user’s iris by shining an infrared LED light on the eyes and taking an image of them with an infrared camera.

The new technology could replace the standard password on smartphones and other devices, with just the look of an eye.

The prototype is set to be unveiled at MWC this week, and could be used in smartphones and tablets.

Iris authentication could also be used to log into web services without having to input an ID or password.

Fujitsu is hoping to explore this technology in a wide range of other fields, with plans to develop security systems.

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