Exertis’ head of devices Ewan Davies outlines his thoughts for the market in 2015

‘The tablet market will be fiercer this year’

What does the future hold for mobile computing devices such as notebooks? Exertis’ head of devices Ewan Davies believes Microsoft will go from strength to strength as customers look for more innovation in new products…

In 2015 iPhones will continue to dominate the cool stakes, however I believe that all tier one vendors will be a lot more closer in terms of marketshare this year. 

There is no denying the power of Android, which is the market leader for mobile devices in most, if not all, countries. Covering a broad range of brands and a wide scope of price points, Android is definitely the one to be reckoned with.

Meanwhile, Microsoft will go from strength to strength in handsets and tablets over 2015, with both B2B and B2C really starting to embrace the Windows operating system. 

With the Windows ecosystem ranging across desktops, laptops and notebooks to tablets as well as smartphones, this year is going to be about the continued rise of this platform as more and more enterprises embrace its end-to-end functionality.

As the SIM-free market continues to grow, consumers and businesses alike will stop looking for a big bundle and a long contract from a single mobile operator, and will instead strive for value. 

This separation of device from airtime and data gives the tier two smartphone and
tablet brands a fighting chance of gaining traction in a very brand-orientated market, as price becomes much more important for people putting together their own custom package of mobility. 

However, the tablet market will continue to be fiercely competitive, which I believe will push many more manufacturers to consider their future in this market space. However, it isn’t necessarily for everyone.

I believe consumers are now looking for the next wave of technology to arrive in 2015, and for vendors to be really successful, we have to see a greater depth of innovation. 

These points of differentiation across multiple price points will ensure that
the really innovative manufacturers come out on top, not only in 2015 but also in other years to come. 

This is about delivering unique, useful, logical yet amazing technology to help make end user lives better through their relationship with their mobile device, be it smartphone or tablet.

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