Oscium transforms an iPhone, iPad or iPod into a 2.4 GHz spectrum analyzer

Exertis to distribute tool that unlocks Apple device network card

Distributor Exertis has partnered with Oscium to supply its iOS test equipment in the UK, which helps engineers troubleshoot a wireless network.

Oscium’s WiPry-Pro tool transforms an iPhone, iPad, or iPod into a 2.4 GHz spectrum analyzer. It’s an external piece of hardware that connects to the host device using Apple’s Lightning connector, and uses a free app from the App Store.

Although access to the network card inside an Apple phone or tablet is restricted, Oscium has unlocked that access by incorporating an 802.11 Wi-Fi chip as part of the design. The chip is located externally in the WiPry-Pro hardware.

WiPry-Pro provides everything needed to optimise and troubleshoot a wireless network. It visualises the invisible RF landscape including RSSI, SSID, BSSID, Frequency, Channel, Amplitude and more.

In addition to wireless network activity, the WiPry-Pro hardware collects all other transmissions as well, like video cameras, microwave ovens and so on.

"WiPry-Pro stands alone as the only 2.4 GHz spectrum analyzer for iOS. The solution is small, modular, and portable," said Exertis in a statement.

"Because of the use of an iOS device, there is no additional cost for a display making pricing very competitive. In addition, access to the API is open. WiPry-Pro hardware is the only gateway for app developers to create apps using wireless network activity within Apple.

"This creates an opportunity for an entire eco-system of apps. Each app that is produced will generate more WiPry-Pro hardware sales while at the same time improving the functionality of the tool."

Exertis UK business manager Rod Slater added: “With its new category of test products, Oscium has responded very effectively to the changes in the way engineers conduct both their test and measurement procedures and the tools they use.

"We’re excited to work with Oscium in order to bring the new age of test and measurement solutions to our reseller partners and the customers they serve.”

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