Plus, Port Designs picks up the Design Award for its backpacks featuring an LED display

Modecom wins two awards at Distree’s 60 Seconds session

Vendors new and old took to the stage at Distree EMEA 2015 in Monaco today to showcase their most innovative products in just 60 seconds. 

The ’60 Seconds to Convince’ programme offers vendors the chance to win an award for the best design and innovation.

Among those showing off products were One Button, who unveiled a new virtual reality device and The Mustard Concept with a new product called Piper, which is a home automation camera.

One vendor even sported faux moustaches in a bid to win over the crowd with a magic inspired presentation.

Port Designs won the Design Award 2015 thanks to its backpacks featuring a colourful LED display.

The Innovation award went to Modecom this year with its new mini PC, with the company also taking home the Presentation Award.

Distree EMEA 2015 started earlier this week.

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