Staff iPad app will apparently prioritise wait times for each customer based on their problem

Apple to revamp Genius Bar in stores with new ‘Concierge’ service

Apple is reportedly upgrading its Genius Bar in-store advice/repair service that automatically texts the customer with a prioritised appointment time.

At the moment customers who want help from an Apple ‘Genius’ for technical support or hardware repairs can walk into an Apple store, or book online, and get a specific time to return for an appointment.

But the new ‘Concierge’ service, reports 9to5Mac, will give the customer a wait time based on the urgency of their problem. For example, someone with a cracked iPhone screen will be prioritised over a customer with a minor iCloud problem.

Staff will apparently input the details into a new iPad application, and take the customer’s phone number, then the software will give the customer a wait time.

The customer will receive three text messages: the first will confirm the request and provide a wait time, the second will tell the customer to go back to the Apple Store, and the third will inform them when the Apple Genius technician is ready and where they can be found in-store.

The new service is set to launch in the US during the week beginning March 9th. It’s the latest change to Apple’s retail business from Angela Ahrendts, who joined the firm from Burberry last year.

"Multiple Apple employees have called the new feature one of the most significant changes to Apple Store operations in several years," reported 9to5Mac, "This will likely reduce crowding in the Apple Store and possibly fatigue from waiting customers."

In other Apple news, the company has been ordered to pay $532.9 million after a Texas court found that its iTunes software infringed three patents owned by patent licensing firm Smartflash LLC.

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