The chip consumes less power than Kaveri

AMD to present new Carrizo chip

AMD will be presenting its new Carrizo system-on-chip for notebooks this week.

In time for this week’s International Solid-State Circuits conference in San Francisco, AMD is set to showcase the new APU during the event.

It comes with four Excavator x86 cores and eight Radeon GPU cores for laptops and mobiles devices.

With more transistors, the chip consumes less power than the previous generation of Kaveri chips.

John Byrne, senior VP and general manager of computing and graphics business group at AMD, said: “We continue to innovate and build upon our existing IP to deliver great products for our customers.

“We are excited about the experiences these new APUs will bring and look forward to sharing more details in the first half of next year.“

The chip is also said to have 3.1 billion gates, 29 per cent more than the 28nm Kaveri chip.

The APU is expected to launch sometime in the first half of this year.

This news comes after rumours revealed AMD is set to replace its current Bulldozer CPUs with a new CPU called Zen.

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