Distributor to supply computing and gaming accessories in the UK

Spire announces new partnership with Approx and Keep Out

Distributor Spire Technology has signed a deal to supply Approx computing products and Keep Out gaming accessories to UK retailers.

Approx is a young Spanish company with a head office and warehouse in Spain and offices in Asia. It develops and designs computer accessories and peripherals, including components, networking products and more.

"Its philosophy is to follow market trends and its necessities, focusing only on high rotation products while still remaining flexible and agile," said Spire in a statement.

"Currently, with the idea of providing technology products at a low cost, Approx concentrates on the continuous expansion and renovation of its product ranges. These products are designed for all users, even the most demanding, which provide versatile solutions for home and office."

You can check out more info on the Approx products which are available now from Spire.

Additionally, Spire says Keep Out products are ‘100 per cent designed by and for gamers’.

"Keep Out is the new brand of gaming peripherals designed for the most demanding users, without sacrificing quality and features that a gamer demands for such products," it added.

Keep Out products are also available now from Spire

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