Screenshots depict a limited number of folders

New leaked design changes for Windows 10 technical preview

New screenshots of the Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10022 have been leaked online.

Microsoft is set to release the build 10022 next month, and in the leaked screenshots there are some new design changes.

According to Russian hackergroup Wzor, in File Explorer the number of frequent folders is limited to four.

If users have also configured OneDrive as the default save location, the Documents and Pictures folders in Quick Access will point to the equivalent OneDrive version of those folders.

Wzor is also reportedly working on a possibility to release the build.

This news comes after Microsoft revealed Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 users within the first year.

The new OS also has cross-platform capabilities and a brand new web browser.

In other news, Microsoft is also offering discounts on its Surface Pro 3 in the UK. The firm is offering up to £250 off of the device.

Image source: Wzor

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