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Security Roundup: Jamie Oliver website hacked and a Trojan called Fanny

In this week’s security roundup we see Jamie Oliver’s website hacked, £648 million stolen in cyber attacks, and Trojans called EquationLaser and Fanny.

Jamie Oliver’s affected by malware following hack

Malware was found in the celeb chef’s site menu, which targeted vulnerable users’ systems allowing hackers to take control of people’s computers.

A spokesperson for Oliver told the BBC that only ten users had written in to complain, and that this ‘low-level malware problem’ had been found and dealt with.

This is all well a good, however Kaspersky urge everyone to be as careful as possible.

In a statement, it said: “Many people have potentially been exposed to malicious software by simply clicking on something that looks legitimate. The trouble is, to the untrained eye, it can be nearly impossible to tell what’s legitimate and what’s not, no matter how aware people think they are.”

£648 million has been stolen in cyber attacks since 2013

Around 100 banks and financial institutions around the world have been attacked by online threats stealing £648 million in the last year alone.

KPMG’s cyber security team claimed that the attackers used pretty unsophisticated tools to pull of the heists.

It commented: “These attacks were unique in terms of the organisation it took to execute them. However, the tools used by these cyber-crime gangs weren’t particularly sophisticated.

“It was the persistence an cautious approach of the criminals that netted them the prize. The banks targeted – primarily in Russia and Ukraine – suggest a selective operation in areas where tracking transactions are more complex.”

Kaspersky Lab finds powerful threat named EquationLaser, GrayFish and Fanny

A powerful threat actor, which surpasses anything known no matter how complex or sophisticated has been found, announced Kaspersky Lab.

The threat named Equation Group is the ancestor to the likes of Stuxnet and Flame and has been active for almost two decades.

So far, Kaspersky guesstimates that the Equation Group has infected possibly tens of thousands of victims in more than 30 countries spanning sectors such as Governmental, transportation, finance, and tech companies.

The group has a super powerful arsenal of Trojans named by Kaspersky Lab as EquationLaser, EquationDrug, DoubleFantasy, Fanny and GrayFish.

Spam wave sends out 30,000 malicious emails

Bitdefender has warned of a huge spam wave that is installing banking Trojan Dyreza on tens of thousands of computers.

Once installed it will attempt to steal sensitive financial data from users. A huge 30,000 malicious emails were sent in just one day from spam servers in the UK, France, Turkey, US and Russia.

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