£349.99 Super Flower PSU used by overclocking expert 8Pack

2000W power supply breaks benching records

Overclocking expert Ian ‘8Pack’ Parry has broken several benching records using Super Flower’s new 80+ Platinum PSU.

Parry collaborated with the vendor to build the ‘world’s first’ 2000W power supply, which can handle 4-way SLI & 4-way CrossfireX, with efficiency levels of up to 94 per cent.

It features a 140mm silent DBB Fan, full Japanese 105°C capacitors, ECO Intelligent Thermal control system, a ‘huge amount’ of connectors and single rail design. 

"The idea for this PSU was derived at Computex and much testing has gone into producing this simply remarkable PSU," Parry said.

"Superflower has been back and forward with designs but the look and perf had to be absolutely right for me. The design brief was four cards high overclocks any CPU and all peripherals 1 PSU. 

"I am very pleased to say together we have achieved exactly this in the 2000w 8Pack edition. With this PSU for the first time I could bench four 980 at 1990mhz with 5960x at 5.7 on one PSU. The PSU did not even flinch and the score made is a world record."

More details of the benching records can be found here.

More specs for the £349.99 PSU can be found here.

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