A look back at the history of the popular photo software

Adobe Photoshop turns 25 years old

The popular Photoshop imaging software from Adobe has hit a landmark age as it continues to inspire digital creativity amongst its millions of users.

Way back in 1987 Thomas Knoll developed a pixel imaging program titled Display.

Originally used to display grayscale images on a black-and-white monitor, its creator teamed up with his brother John Knoll adding features that enabled users to process digital image files.

Just two years later Adobe stepped into the picture, licensing the software and renaming it Photoshop, shipping the first version in 1990 sparking a new generation of designer.

It is now undoubtedly one of the most recognised software brands in the world and boasts tens of thousands of users in print, film, web… pretty much everywhere.

In the beginning however, the humble Adobe did not expect this kind of success.

Thomas Knoll commented: “Adobe thought we’d sell about 500 copies of Photoshop a month. Not in my wildest dreams did we think creatives would embrace the product in the numbers and ways they have.”

It was this piece of software that eventually helped Adobe build its set of tools. Programs such as Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Dreamweaver to name a few began popping up, touching all aspects of the media world.

To celebrate the occasion, Adobe will showcase 25 of the most creative visual artists under 25 who use Photoshop. Over the coming months, selected creatives will be given the chance to take over the software’s Instagram handle (@Photoshop) for two weeks, showcasing their work.

In other news, Adobe recently filed a lawsuit against fashion retailer Forever 21, accusing them of pirating a number of its software products including Photoshop.

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